Blog Tour for Alpha’s Prey

So, my first blog tour went great! If you missed any of the days, you can read some fun Q&A sessions from the links below.



Facebook day not available. I’m working on getting the transcript.



Book Birthday. 3/3 for book 3!

Today’s the day!

I invite you to check out, The Alpha’s Prey on Amazon.


I’m extremely excited to post about my recent Rainbow awards wins.

Thanks to all who read and voted!





Lou Kelly’s second novel is Available! (Amazon

Can a bodyguard and a rock star find love in the midst of scandal or will the pressure of public exposure leave both of their hearts… unguarded?

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David & Ian

Romance with an Edge

Lou Kelly’s debut novel is available. (Amazon)

“Without meaning to, my hands raked through his hair and I felt sure I’d never let him go. This was the point of no return. One fraction of an inch further and nothing would enable me to turn back.”

To read a FREE sample of this novel, click –> Edge-Sample (PDF).

Thank you for the reviews! 

And yes, I am planing a Sawyer novel. 😉